Өөрийгөө танилцуулах

About myself
My name is bilguun. I am from Mongolia. I am a student. I am 21 years old. My family is not very small and not very large. I have a father, a mother, two brothers and sister. My siter's name's Tungalag. Her job is a doctor. Tungalag is my younger sister. I am her elder brother. But i've got two elder brothers. They are all policeman. My father is an enjineer and my mother is an economics.
We have got four lessons each day. We have a new English teacher this year. Her name's Miss brown. She's from America. She's a very good teacher. She works very hard.

New words

many олон

very маш

father аав

brother ах дүү

all бүгд

to have тай тэй

but гэхдээ

my elder миний эгч

enjineer инженер

family гэр бүл

large том

mother ээж

sister эгч

elder ахмад ах

younger залуухан дүү

parent эцэг эх

work ажиллах

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